Canada's Premier All-Inclusive Model G20 Experience

The University of Waterloo Model G20 Conference, a student run, not-for-profit initiative, is Canada’s premier G20 simulation experience, allowing delegates to act as world leaders by taking on the roles of the world’s twenty most powerful countries.

A true test of communication and negotiation - over the course of four days, delegates collaborate and work to create diplomatic solutions for some of the greatest challenges faced around the world today.

Additionally, delegates hear from highly distinguished speakers, meet with leaders in the field of international relations, and network with fellow students from across Canada.

UWMG20 2016 brought “Momentum" as its theme, taking on the demand for the G20 to adapt the needs of the world, dealing with issues outside it’s traditional scope in the realm of international finance. .

In 2017, UWMG20 will be centered around HORIZON, as we mark the discussion of topics in uncharted territories, and the new day on the horizon that brings new and unique challenges to the 21st century.

Predicting this shift in the G20’s purpose, this year UWMG20 seeks to discuss topics never-before addressed by the G20. This creates a special challenge and an opportunity to rise to the occasion with creative resolutions.


G20 & UN Excellence

At UWMG20 we strive to provide the most authentic but revamped G20 and UN experience to our delegates, using a dynamic hybrid of the mechanics and systems we have created a new and innovative way to have committee debate flow.

Delegate Experience

Our main priority is to ensure that delegates have an excellent experience taking part in dynamic and engaging committees. As well as have all other details prepared so they can focus their time on enjoying the committee sessions and the networking events.


Delegate Fee