Limiting the Aftermath: Volcanic Apocalypse

From New York to LA, the United States is covered in ash. The death toll is impossible to keep up with. The Yellowstone Supervolcano has erupted for the fourth time in the last 2.1 Million years, and America as we know it is no more. In the conference’s only crisis committee, delegates will be tasked with limiting the damage in the aftermath of an unprecedented disaster.


Middle East: Negotiations and Development

The Middle East and North Africa region is perhaps the most politically and historically charged region in the world. The shifting political tides that accompany oil, nuclear deals, civil war and clashing religious beliefs have caused consistent chaos on a global stage. In this committee, delegates will have the chance to mend relationships in the pursuit of peace and prosperity for all in the region.




Technological Evolution: Challenging Horizons

Some have dubbed the current period of economic uncertainty the “Automation Revolution”, drawing parallels to the cataclysmic shifts that took place in the industrial revolution. We’re seeing overlapping trends in the economy, such as fintech overturning traditional banking institutions, automated machines replacing unskilled workers, and corporations loading up on our personal data as if competing in a nuclear arms race. The TECH committee will have to grapple with all of these trends and others in a fast-paced weekend of debate.